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Life is filled with choices, from the mundane to the epic. For the most part it’s an invisible process...

...each individual is treated equally and has the right to self-determination, living in an environment where each family member’s wants and/or needs are valued and met...

...Punishments and rewards are really just tools of manipulation and when you are working together as a team for shared solutions there is no need to manipulate...

Who We Are

We wanted to provide a bit of background about us and how we got here. We all started parenting from the heart and fell into attachment parenting. As our children aged we saw many people stop “APing” when their kids reach toddlerhood. Following our children’s leads we continued to respect, listen and trust our children. Over the years we have seen ideas that had pieces that really appealed to us, AP, TCS, TCC, NVC, Unschooling, etc but none of them quite fit the bill. They didn’t seem to incorporate what we wanted in our families. So Consensual Living has evolved out of our families, influenced by people we respect.


Anna lives with her two daughters (7 and 9), husband and 4 cats in the North Carolina Piedmont. Together they live and learn and love – enjoying the journey. She enjoys playing the guitar, singing, making ATCs, and sharing the joys of living consensually



I have been married to my highschool sweetheart since 1982. Ds, my little Zen Master, was born in 2001. We currently share our home with our extended family of 5 cats, 4 fish, 2 gerbils and Pumpkin, a corn snake. I was critical care nurse who now embraces holistic health and homeopathy, and organic living and learning. We have lived consensually for all of our years together, and honor our son's autonomy and attachment. I love to travel, scuba dive and garden, and am passionate about respectful parenting. I am a political pacifist and an activist for child advocacy.



Pam, her two sons (12 and 9 ), her husband and an assortment of pets, live, love, and laugh in the foothills of North Carolina. They continue to live consensually and grow through the different phases of their lives with individual and shared interests. Pam enjoys reading, writing, hiking, camping, quilting and gardening, but reserves the right to change her interests at any given time.


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